Tennis Has a Game Changer!

Posted by David Beinhacker on 2nd Apr 2016

Tennis Now Has a Game Changer

Meet the Nu champion of tennis attire. You wouldn’t buy your racket just anywhere, and you shouldn’t buy your tennis apparel anywhere either.

Instead of plain white, crisp shirts with matching uncomfortable shorts, Nu gives you shirts and shorts with personality and comfort. Finally, your tennis clothing can match your game, energetic, stylish, and powerful. You don’t play like everybody else, why should you dress like everybody else?

Nu only uses the highest quality materials to allow you maximum comfort and dryness while you play. It’s cutting edge micro fibers wick sweat away from your body, keeping you feeling as cool as your mind under the pressure of a power serve curving away from you towards the baseline.

With many different designs, each are made with the best sports clothing technology has to offer. You will easily find several items that fit your personal flair. Every product not only comes with sweat wicking fabrics, but also with UV protection, anti-microbial protections and odor control.

The only thing Nu tennis attire has in common with all the other tennis attire on the market is you still put on our shorts one leg at a time.