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Got Sponsor?

Nu evaluates every player by a number of factors.  We look at player performance, including skills and ranking.  Truly our most important factor is if the player will be well rounded and represent the NU value and way of class and etiquette.

Nu Sportswear expects players to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

During the game:
1.Good sports treat teammates, coaches, opposing teams, and game officials with respect and courtesy. 

2.Good sports understand that both winning and losing are a part of any athletic competition.  They demonstrate humility when they win, accepting their victories with poise and dignity.  They also demonstrate humility when they lose, seeing losses as an opportunity for future individual or team improvement.

3.Good sports are the first to accept responsibility for mistakes or poor play, and are the first to praise others for success and good play.  Good sports do not blame officials, or weather, or playing conditions for poor results, instead focusing on what they can do better next time.

4.Good sports understand that stress and pressure are part of athletics, and endeavor to keep their emotions in check despite the disappointment and frustration the sometimes comes with athletic competition. 

5.Good sports show compassion for their teammates, their opponents, and game officials, recognizing that mistakes are a part of every game and that every individual does the best that he or she can under the circumstances.

1. Service in your community.  Someone is always less fortunate, so get out there and help someone. 

2. Study any subject that might interest you and become an expert at it. 

3. Respect your elders at all times and in any situation. 

Good sportsmanship and class will be the NU formal tennis attire way!  We expect to develop a reputaton which all members of the Tennis community can be proud of and look up to. 

If you feel that who have what it takes to bring class, etiquette and refinement to the tennis or golf world then we want you to be part of this elite group of NU Sponsored Juniors.